Pipe Clamps

Pipe Clamps

The pipe clamps are special type of fasteners suitable for clamping pipes, hoses and electric cables. Pipe clamps are a sensible and easy way of securing piping, tubes and hoses in all types of terrestrial or naval installation. They are designed for use in water/plumbing purposes. They are also used for mounting of pipes to the walls.

Some pipe clamps can also be mounted on piping components other than straight pipe. There are also heavy-duty structural pipe clamps designed for use with standard size water/plumbing pipe that is not threaded. Many pipe clamps have solid cores for added strength. The pipe clamps are sometimes controlled by pressure activated cylinders to regulate the clamping pressure in relationship to the thickness and strength of the pipe wall.

Pipe clamps usually have one fixed pad, and one adjustable pad. Pipe clamps are constructed using various materials and are available in several configurations with a variety of finishes. Metallic pipe clamps have high impact resistance and various finishes like a brilliant, glossy finish.

Types of Pipe Clamps:

Various types of pipe clamps are as follows:

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