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Manufacturing Profile
Director's Profile
Manufacturing Profile

We are a professionally managed company well conversant with the manufacture of precision mechanical items, assemblies and special machines of light, medium and heavy engineering industries.

e specialize in the manufacture of tailor-made components and assemblies with the main thrust of our business in forgings (Open die and Closed die) for diverse end users like Steel Plants, Machine Tools, Cements, Fertilizers, Petroleum, Mining, Petrochemicals, Ship Building, Material Handling etc.

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Managing Director • The Managing Director, Mr. Kirti Kamdar is a First Class Mechanical Engineer, B.E. (Mech.) from the University of Bombay, graduated in the year 1975.

He has been involved in the "Forging" business since 1977. During 1979-80, he went to Osaka in Japan for training in forgings for a period of 7.5 months

In the last 15 years or so, "Value Added Forgings" are being supplied to the end users in fully furnished condition from weight range of a few Kg. to almost 5 M.T. single assembly.

Product Profile

Product Profile

Product Profile

Product Profile

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• Twist Locks and Head Block Pins for Spreader of Mobile Reach Stacker, RMQC & RTGC

• 5th Wheel King Pins for Semi-Trailer

• Gears, Pinions and special Gear Boxes as per given design

• Crank Shafts, Connecting Rods, Piston Rods, Cylinders

• Pull Rods, Torque Arms

• Special flanges, Couplings, Spindles, Rings

• Rolls and Roll Assemblies with Sprockets and Bearings etc.

• Trunnion and Support Roller Assemblies with Shrunk Fitted Shaft

• Screw Forks, Eye Bolts, Turn Buckles, Hook Bolts and Foundation Bolts

• Springs - Compression and Tension (Wire Dia upto 16 MM).

• High Tensile Industrial Fasteners (Size > M 16)

• Shaftings, Bushings, Wheels, Trunnions, Clevis

• Complete Hook Block Assemblies and Special Hooks

• Liners, Wear Plates, Friction Plates

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Fork Link Chain

Rivetless Chain

Rivetless Chain

Elevator Chain


1)  Fork Link Chain (Redler Type)

• DROP FORGED, Pitch 102 MM, 125 MM, 142 MM, 200MM, 216MM & 260 MM (In Carbon Steel as well as case hardening steels). Choice of flights as per customer's requirements. Average Breaking Load: 8T to 80T. Drop forged from the finest quality carbon steel or low carbon alloy steel as per design considerations. Necessary machining is carried out to avoid sharp corners.

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2)  Rivetless Type

• DROP FORGED, Pitch 3.031", 4.031", 6.031" & 9.031" (In Carbon Steel as well as Alloy Steels). Average Breaking Load: 11T to 100T. Combination of greater strength and lightweight is the characteristic of Rivetless Chains. All forged construction, with through hardened links and pins (Carbon or Alloy steel) assures maximum strength, wear resistance and longer life.

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3)  Steel Knuckle Chain (Elevator Type)

Pitch 6" and 9" (In case hardening and Alloy Steels). Average Breaking Load: 45T. to 101T. These chains operate under most adverse conditions like Elevators, Apron conveyors etc. Chains are offered in both straight and off-set side bar construction

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 Quality Assurance Plan  (QAP / 21)
Raw Materials

Raw Materials

Incoming raw materials (billets or bars) are identified with color code and/or serial nos. marked on both faces of the bars. Steels are kept separately gradewise. For a larger volume, steels are bought directly from the steel producer and chemical composition and other metallurgical properties are counter checked at laboratories to confirm with the test certificates.

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Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing

Only after confirmity of physical properties, the machining operations are started. In case of requirement of ultrasonic testing (as for most of open forged components), it is carried out after rough machining but before final machining avoiding closer steps, drilling, tapping, threading, taper portions etc. The procedure followed for most of the testing is as per SA 388 with DAC curves or flat bottom holes (FBH).

QAPs and Test Certificates

Quality Assurance Plans (QAPs) are prepared and submitted to clients / thier inspection agencies for approval and changes, if any, are incorporated.
 A test certificate is submitted to the customer for every batch of supply indicating various tests carried out like chemical, physical, impact, metallurgical, ultrasonics, dimensional checks.
Forging Process

Forging Process

Cut pieces of exact weight are charged in the batch type furnace and heat treated gradually to proper forging temperature. Intermittantly, temperatures are checked with optical pyrometer. Forging is done by using best techniques and tools and undergo sufficient reduction to ensure internal soundness.

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Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

The forgings are heat treated precisely as per customer's requirement. For normalising / annealing processes, 20% hardness check / batch of heat treatment is carried out. For hardening jobs, 50 to 80% hardness check is carried out in addition to micro structure checking per batch of heat treatment. Many times rough machining is done between annealing and hardening process.

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Finish Machining

Finish Machining

• The various dimensions are measured with precision instruments, special guages, thread guages etc. and inspection checks are done stagewise. For bigger components, final dimensional checks are recorded individually and a copy of the same is submitted to the customer.

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